I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get up this week…At first I thought it was just my usual general lethargy, but then I realized that something else was going on.  Now I’m looking at a handy table I found online, and I see that the days are in fact getting shorter and shorter, with sunrise at 7:55 tomorrow and 7:56 the day after that.  Unfortunately (luckily), I’m going to miss out on the darkest darkest days in December when the sun rises at 8:30 (!!!!!) and sets at 4:15.

I remember my first year of college, when I moved to Connecticut and had my first experiences with cold northern weather and climate, all I wanted to do was sleep all the time.  Again, I thought it was just my general lethargy, but my mom actually found an article about how people moving to cold and dark climes usually have some sort of hibernating instinct that kicks in.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am naturally an excellent napper.  This means that:

me + cold dark winter weather = many, many, many lost afternoons and many moments of general confusion when I wake up and see it is dark outside.

But I’m fighting against it!  Luckily I have so many things to be doing all the time that I feel way too guilty to actually give in and nap a bit.  What with classes, classes, planning for classes, feeding myself, trying to keep everything tidy (hah!) and various other little things I have more than enough to do.  Let’s see how long this lasts!

I’m happily awaiting January 26, when the sun will set at 5:00 in Voronezh, which seems a much more appropriate time for sunset than anything in the 4 o’clocks.


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