Monthly Archives: March 2011

Marching Onwards

So clever, I know. So it’s been a few days, what have you missed?

Well, for starters, last week we celebrated Defenders of the Fatherland Day, formerly known as Red Army Day, informally known as Men’s Day (or Man Day, if you’re an ETA). I didn’t really do anything special for this holiday, except enjoy the fact that it was a day off work. I did see a movie (so surprised, right?), Выкрутасы, which is a new Russian movie starring Milla Jovovich as the female lead. It’s about a schoolteacher who accidentally winds up coaching a bunch of street urchins in a soccer team…yeah. But anyways it was really interesting to see Milla Jovovich speaking Russian, and as the credits were rolling there was a very sweet clip of her, in tears, thanking the cast and the crew that they gave her this opportunity to do a movie in Russian. Awww.

Last week I also was invited to listen to some live music, which I always always love. The son of one of our teachers is a musician, and he plays kind of rockabilly and 50s/60s/70s stuff on Thursdays with another musician at a cafe which is appropriately named “Vinyl.” If you know me, you know the name of the cafe alone is enough persuasion. It was really fun, and they played the CCR song “Molina” for me because they knew I was coming.

What else? I saw another movie this weekend, at the place that where the flute concert was (remember that?). It was I guess Sophia Coppola’s latest, “Somewhere” (or in Russian Где-то), and I loved it. I guess it got mixed reviews from the critics, but for me at this point watching a movie that takes place in Los Angeles and is beautifully filmed just had me getting all homesick not just for my home-home but for L.A…Something which I thought would never happen, but what can I say, people change.

I’ve also noticed that when it gets below -20 C my knees just ache and ache, and I have to do the granny shuffle to get anywhere. I actually kind of fell down accidentally the other day because my knees were giving me such trouble (don’t worry it was in my apartment but it still made me feel lame). I’m also mildly arthritic. At this point I’ve kind of accepted it, and am hoping that I will never live somewhere this cold again.

Really it’s been more of the same. Life is life, there’s work and there’s play. Although I am at the point where I can say my lovely relatives are coming the week after next! This is very exciting. I told my landlady about it, and she smiled, and said, “Они у тебя молодцы.” Can’t argue with the truth.