and now the time has grown so short..

..the world has grown so wide.*

I’m seriously starting to feel the time crunch. I’m at the point in my packing where everything is super messy, and the mess won’t be resolved until sometime on Thursday when I don’t have to use anything again and everything is tucked away. Despite what my friends and family might say, such disorder actually gives me great anxiety. Proof: I just woke up from a dream in which I simply had failed to pack. It was Thursday at 9:00 pm and I wasn’t at the train station yet. My apartment was in disarray, I hadn’t called my landlady yet, I didn’t have a taxi. Aren’t my stress dreams fantastically realistic??

To make things worse, I’m terrible at packing alone. I get distracted or don’t want to think about what it means that I’m packing and so leave everything and go take a walk or take a nap or something. In August, as I was trying to fit everything I thought I would need into my suitcase and duffel, I had a team behind me. We’re a big fan of moral support in the Perkins family, and I had enough of it in the last few days that no one would let me give up when I wanted to. I guess I have to be my own task-master, and figure out which things to leave and which things to take with me on my own.

All that said, it’s only Monday. Tomorrow I’m going to start taking care of some of the logistical things with packing: cleaning out the kitchen, that sort of thing. Today…well today is technically a weekend day/day off from work so I think I will be spending some time with my friends today. Plus the weather is nice. I’m going to try and ignore the mounting panic – the panic that I won’t pack in time, that I’ll miss my train or my plane, or more acutely the panic that comes from having to say goodbye to the people who have become the anchors of my Voronezh life – at least until tomorrow.


*Bonus points for the reference. Without googling it.


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