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So much to do, so little time…

So, briefly:

1. I continue to forget how to speak in English correctly.  The trickiest thing is probably prepositions.  I’m misusing them all over the place.  And just losing my feel for the English language in general.  Linguistic intuition, where are you?

2. I still can’t believe how cold it was last week.  Luckily I took my mom’s advice (when are moms ever wrong?) (rhetorical question) and went ahead and bought a really fantastically warm coat even after it warmed up a little.  I’m sure it’s going to get cold again, or even colder, but now I’m ready and even looking forward to it a little.

3.  It’s already December?? I’ve been here for 95 days.. or 13 weeks and 4 days if you prefer.  Don’t worry, I used a website counter thing to do that, I didn’t count the days myself.

4.  Christmas is just around the corner – two weeks from tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Moscow and then to CA.  So SO so much to do before then.

At times like this I like to refer to Edna St. V. M.  This seems especially appropriate for how I’m feeling these days (aged, aged, aged):

Grown Up (1920)

Was it for this I uttered prayers/And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs/ That now, domestic as a plate/I should retire at half-past eight?


And 1920 makes Edna only 28 years old.. so I guess this how it goes..




So, I’ve been busy (surprise surprise) but some of the stuff I’ve been doing is actually interesting and not the usual.  This week was full of fun cultural-type things for me, but I want to tell about them chronologically, so let me start with Wednesday.

One of the teachers who I work with knows that I’m really interested in music and folklore and folk music and all that, and so on Monday after my class she asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with a Georgian folk-music group on Wednesday.  She had an extra ticket and thought of me!  Of course I said yes, so I got to top off what is usually my longest day of the week with a concert.  Now, I didn’t really know why the concert was happening, but it turns out that there was kind of like a mini film festival featuring Georgian-made films with the slogan “Two Cultures, One Faith!” and the concert was somehow connected with that.

I really enjoyed the first part of the concert, which is when the Georgian group “Tbilisi” sang.  They were four older guys, singing what I guess were traditional Georgian (and some Russian) pieces.  My favorite songs are always going to be the acapella ones, and they had some really great ones (I preferred the acapella songs to the ones with guitar and of course to the ones with the cheesy orchestrations).  The singers were very endearing and sweet, and I think everyone really enjoyed their performance.

After the singing group was finished, the concert continued for another hour or so with different offerings from Voronezh-based singing and dancing groups as well as some short speeches or readings by notable people (I don’t know who they were but they seemed sort of famous).  Although I probably prefer plain singing to anything else (in this case), it was cool to get to see the wide variety of performing groups from Voronezh.  It was a really interesting concert, and I’m glad that I was able to go.


After the concert, I was tired, but some of my friends were going to go see Harry Potter sooo I went with them.  I’ve been to more movies in the past three months than I had in the previous year.  Anyways, I kind of loved the movie, but I can see how only people who have read the books and then seen the movies would like it.  It was much darker/scarier/more serious than I expected, which was a good thing.  It’s always funny to me how the names change in Russian: Harry is more like “Gary”, Hermione is “Ger-mee-oh-na”, and Luna is “Palumna”.  Interesting.  Now I feel like I have to 1. re-read all the books and 2. see all the movies before the final part comes out in July.  A nice project for my nonexistent free time.**


**It took me about two minutes to come up with the word “nonexistent”. Inexistant, unexisting, unexistent, etc…My English continues to deteriorate. Ugh.

A word on words

I just have to note that I apologize for any strange word choices or syntax that appears here.  I’m already forgetting English words and expressions and using constructions that Russians use when they speak English.  But instead of replacing my knowledge of English with Russian, there’s just a big empty mushy spot in my brain! The horror.  Hopefully I can get a handle on my English skills – they’re what got me this far – and still work on my Russian.  With any luck, next time I’ll remember that the additional costs in an apartment like water and gas are called “utilities” and not “facilities”, and lifelike animals are “taxidermy” and not just “stuffed”.  Umm…yes I need to get a hold of my English.